Life In Mexico

5 Reasons that THIS is the Perfect Summer Blouse

chic mexican folk blouse

These blouses are amazing, especially as we’re heading in to the steamy days of summer.  They are deliciously made by hand, created by the talented weavers of southern Mexico and best of all – they’re BEAUTIFUL.  They come in tons of fun candy colors and also just simple classic classy white.

  1. These blouses are handmade in the truest sense of the word.  The artisan starts with a glorious pile of threads and turns those magnificent threads into this blouse.  All the while adding in the small design detail and brocading their unique signature into the blouse.
  2. This is slow fashion.  This blouse wasn’t cranked out in a factory in Asia.  No, this blouse took over a week to create using a technique that dates back to the Mayan period.
  3. This is ethical fashion.  Only local materials are used – not because it’s a trend. No, just because that’s how things are done in rural Chiapas.  Further, not only is the artisan paid a fair wage for her work, she also works from the comfort of her home, near her family.
  4. This blouse looks great on ALL body types.  Are you square shaped?  No problem, in fact, so is the blouse.  Are you a little wide through the shoulders?  No, problem, the blouse will look great on you.  Have a bit of a tummy?  Don’t worry, this blouse flows great on all body types.
  5. Support rural artisans.  Yep, you can also feel good about purchasing a blouse like this.  You contributed to the continuation of a cultural tradition, to the economic development of a community, and to the support of women artisans.