Miley Cyrus wears a Mexican Huipil
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This post is not about Miley Cyrus

Instead, it´s about this amazing huipil that she was wearing at her concert recently here in Mexico.  She said it was the most the beautiful thing she had ever seen. I would have to agree.  It´s just pure art.  (h/t  @ViernesTradicional)

Life In Mexico

Collaboration: Chiapas Bazaar & Plume

Plume is a Brooklyn-based fashion and home goods company established in 2014 founded on three simple passions — combining traditional craft skills with modern design, providing empowerment and equality to women globally, and the belief that nothing is more cherished in a home or fashion collection than truly unique, handmade products of the highest quality.

Chiapas Bazaar was really excited to be a part of Plume’s launch in July 2014.  Kate Collins, the Brooklyn designer and creative force behind Plume, designed fabulous blouses that were produced with artisan women in Chiapas. Her designs were brought to life in two different indigenous communities in rural Chiapas and the creation of her pieces combined traditional embroidery and backstrap loom weaving techniques.  She put a twist on tradition by introducing new color combinations and also a different style flower embroidery.  The results are stunning!


We had a blast working on this collaboration with Kate!  You can see her entire super chic global collection – from Kenya to Bali to Brooklyn – at:


Life In Mexico

Chiapas Bazaar is Proud to Support Fashion Revolution Day


Chiapas Bazaar is fortunate to connect constantly with the people making the clothes we sell in our shop.  Not everyone has that  privilege – have you met the person who made your super cute blouse from Target?  Where was it made?  What were their conditions like?  What is the person´s story?  That´s exactly what Fashion Revolution Day is about.  It´s about asking those question along the entire fashion supply chain and it´s also about taking a moment to honor the 1,133 people who DIED making clothing last year in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Check out Fashion Revolution Day Mexico, where Courtney, co-founder of Chiapas Bazaar, is proud to be the country coordinator in Mexico for this amazing global initiative.  

More information about Fashion Revolution..

Fashion is a force to be reckoned with. It celebrates, provokes, and entertains. And, from April 24th 2014, it’s going to do even more. Because we’re turning fashion into a force for good.

On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue.

Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.


A Eureka moment – “The idea for Fashion Revolution Day actually came to me in the bath…”  Founder of Fashion Revolution and ethical fashion pioneer, Carry Somers says. “I wondered if the Rana Plaza disaster could act as a catalyst by using the heightened awareness around ethical fashion to bring about real change. Fashion Revolution Day represents an exciting opportunity to reconnect fashion-lovers with the people who made their clothes.”

Led by a board of industry leaders, campaigners, press and academics from within the sector and beyond, Fashion Revolution Day has become the catalyst that brings together those who want to see change within the industry. Find out more about our Founders, the Global Advisory Committee and The Fashion Revolution Day Board here: Fashion Revolution Global Advisory Committee


Within 8 months Fashion Revolution has become a global movement with over 58 countries involved (and growing!).  

There is now an unprecedented number or of individuals and organisations working together to share the same message. You can see some of the organisations on this link: Fashion Revolution Day Friends  


The Fashion Revolution central office supports all countries involved to build teams, plan strategy, manage events and collaborate with national and local organisations, educational institutions and businesses. Fashion Revolution HQ in the UK developed and supplied all branding, marketing and educational tools for each country at no cost.

 Visit this link to see all the countries involved so far, the people involved and events for each country:  Fashion Revolutions Global Community and Events

We have seen partnerships and collaborations form along the entire supply chain adding to the belief that Fashion Revolution has the potential to improve lives around the world.

Co-Founder, Orsola de Castro says “With one simple gesture, #insideout, we want you to ask: “Who Made Your Clothes?” this action will encourage people to imagine the ‘thread’ from the garment to the machinist that sewed it and all the way down to the farmer that grew the cotton it was made from”. 







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Graffiti Textil.

masdedos bazar

Las intervenciones textiles que llevaremos a cabo el próximo jueves 24 de abril se inspiran en otro movimiento global conocido como Yarn Bombing, Knit Graffitti o Urban Knitting. Son movimientos urbanos pacíficos de mujeres que por medio de hilos y tejidos intervienen decorativamente mobiliario urbano en las ciudades. La mujer tejedora en Chiapas, como en el resto del mundo, representan la hacedora de la vida, siendo esta última representada por el textil. Esta tendencia tiene varios años sucediendo en ciudades como Londres, Berlín, Nueva York y la Ciudad de México, y a pesar de ser un tipo de graffitti, no genera descontento ni irrumpe con ninguna ley pues los materiales y las propuestas son de fácil deshecho y no dañan el mobiliario.

El colectivo MASDEDOS se une al movimiento Fashion Revolution Day con la propuesta de Graffitti Textil con 7 intervenciones urbanas con textiles tradicionales en distintos puntos de…

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¿Sabes quién hizo tú ropa?

Amazing group of talented designers in Chiapas will be holding a fantastic event in San Cristobal de Las Casas in support of Fashion Revolution Day #insideout

masdedos bazar

En un post anterior les platicamos sobre el Fashion Revolution, la fecha se acerca y con ella la participación de MASDEDOS. Los hashtags utilizados para el evento serán:


FRD Flyer Masdedos

El 24 de abril, puedes ver en diferentes partes de San Cristóbal interesantes y creativas intervenciones con algunas marcas participantes.

Mapa Ubicación FRD

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The Buyerarchy of Needs (with apologies to Maslow...)

Some ideas on how to cut down on fast fashion consumption…..

Life In Mexico

The Buyerarchy of Needs (with apologies to Maslow…)

Life In Mexico

5 Reasons that THIS is the Perfect Summer Blouse

chic mexican folk blouse

These blouses are amazing, especially as we’re heading in to the steamy days of summer.  They are deliciously made by hand, created by the talented weavers of southern Mexico and best of all – they’re BEAUTIFUL.  They come in tons of fun candy colors and also just simple classic classy white.

  1. These blouses are handmade in the truest sense of the word.  The artisan starts with a glorious pile of threads and turns those magnificent threads into this blouse.  All the while adding in the small design detail and brocading their unique signature into the blouse.
  2. This is slow fashion.  This blouse wasn’t cranked out in a factory in Asia.  No, this blouse took over a week to create using a technique that dates back to the Mayan period.
  3. This is ethical fashion.  Only local materials are used – not because it’s a trend. No, just because that’s how things are done in rural Chiapas.  Further, not only is the artisan paid a fair wage for her work, she also works from the comfort of her home, near her family.
  4. This blouse looks great on ALL body types.  Are you square shaped?  No problem, in fact, so is the blouse.  Are you a little wide through the shoulders?  No, problem, the blouse will look great on you.  Have a bit of a tummy?  Don’t worry, this blouse flows great on all body types.
  5. Support rural artisans.  Yep, you can also feel good about purchasing a blouse like this.  You contributed to the continuation of a cultural tradition, to the economic development of a community, and to the support of women artisans.

It´s fun to show off our cool Mexican blouses on #viernestradicional

Our best-selling Margarita blouse in hunter green with beige hand embroidery. Exquisite hand-detailing – we are in love with these blouses! Super light weight and great for summa-summa-summa time! And yes, our dog Wembley likes to dress up too! #wembleyforever

Life In Mexico

It´s fun to show off our cool Mexican blouses on #viernestradicional