Life In Mexico

Collaboration: Chiapas Bazaar & Plume

Plume is a Brooklyn-based fashion and home goods company established in 2014 founded on three simple passions — combining traditional craft skills with modern design, providing empowerment and equality to women globally, and the belief that nothing is more cherished in a home or fashion collection than truly unique, handmade products of the highest quality.

Chiapas Bazaar was really excited to be a part of Plume’s launch in July 2014.  Kate Collins, the Brooklyn designer and creative force behind Plume, designed fabulous blouses that were produced with artisan women in Chiapas. Her designs were brought to life in two different indigenous communities in rural Chiapas and the creation of her pieces combined traditional embroidery and backstrap loom weaving techniques.  She put a twist on tradition by introducing new color combinations and also a different style flower embroidery.  The results are stunning!


We had a blast working on this collaboration with Kate!  You can see her entire super chic global collection – from Kenya to Bali to Brooklyn – at:



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