Life In Mexico

Lighweight Spring Scarves

In the winter, scarves are a necessity, but in the spring, they’re a must have accessory!  These are some must have scarves for spring – not only are they lightweight, but they’re super versatile and go from being a chunky neck scarf to something light to cover your shoulders on Saturday night in your LBD.  And to top it all off – they’re handwoven on the backstrap loom.  Handwoven means the artisans started with just threads, and with their immense skill and talents, they wove these threads into a scarf using an ancient technique passed down for generations.  You won’t find that artisanship quality or soul at the GAP.  


Here are the top picks:


Classic White – your everyday go to scarf that just screams ¨Look out everyone, spring is here!¨ 

Colors & Tradition – For the girl with a bit of a wild side with an appreciation for fine art and creativity of the rural artisans.

Poppin’ Red – Make your bright red statement with this handwoven scarf for a pop of color on those days with April showers.


View the entire handmade scarf collection at


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