Life In Mexico

The perfect gift for your mother-in-law


There are certain people that are really difficult to buy gifts for, like that really rich uncle and your dad.  Or even your own mother-in-law.  The gift must be tasteful, classic, and hopefully something that she will use.

We have a tip for you today.  The easiest gift you can get her (unless she lives in tropical southern Mexico like mine) is a scarf.  “Ay dios, how cliche!”, you’re saying as you close this blog post.  Wait.  This isn’t just a scarf.  This scarf is special. This scarf has a story that you’ll be able to share with your family members around the holiday table.  You’ll tell them how it’s handmade in Mexico.  You’ll tell them how it’s made using a technique that has been perfected for over 1,000 years – a technique passed down from the Mayans.  You’ll tell them that it takes over a week to hand weave (yes, thread by thread) this scarf.  You’ll tell them it also created employment for women in rural area of Mexico.  Now, you see, it’s not just a scarf.  It has ancient history, it creates jobs, and – mas que nada – it is outrageously beautiful, soft, and goes with everything.

It might be not appropriate for your gazillionaire uncle, but we are sure that your mother-in-law will love it!


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