Life In Mexico

The Alternative Engagement Ring

Un anillo de compromiso alternativo 

I’m not really a diamond gal.  I wasn’t dreaming of the cut or the size of my ring before I got engaged.  I wanted something simple, beautiful, and most importantly, meaningful and symbolic.

amber engagement ring

Faceted amber set in white gold – handmade in Chiapas, Mexico

We decided on using one of the few organic gemstones in existence, a 25 million year old tree resin that is found in a few places in the world, one of which happens to be the state where my fiancé was born and raised.  We chose a piece of faceted amber and had it mounted as a solitaire in white gold by a local artisan. 

We love the way it turned out, its uniqueness, and that it comes from organic materials and was locally made in Chiapas. 

The artisan who made the ring kept repeating, “It is a true jewel, no one else will have something like this.

What do you think?  Would you forgo the traditional diamond for a custom made piece with a natural “stone”? 

A solitaire amber engagement ring from Chiapas, Mexico


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