Life In Mexico

The 9 to 5 Mexican Blouse

We love Frida Kahlo.  She has such an inspired style, was quite the renegade in her time, and continues to inspire fashion to this day.   Chunky accessories, colorful blouses, long flowy skirts…she epitomizes Mexico style.  

But, what if you want to wear a Mexican blouse and NOT look like Frida Kahlo.  What if you have an important client meeting, feel like ditching the boring white button up, and wearing something lightweight, cool and with artisanal details, but keeping within your unspoken corporate dress code? And even better – dazzle your co-workers with someone that wasn’t pulled off the rack from Zara.  Wear something that benefits the economic welfare of women in the developing world.  

This classic white blouse is hand embroidered and then later stitched together by hand.  It has subtle embroidery details and easily transitions from office time to play time.  Throw a cardigan over it, even a blazer, and you’re ready to go.  Add some delicate gold accessories and you’ll be admired from the board room to the bar room.  

How would you wear this blouse? 

Perfect Mexican Blouse for the 9 to 5 career girl. (59$


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