Weaver in Pantelho
Fair Trade

Know Your Source – A Journey to Pantelhó, Chiapas

We are constantly on the hunt for amazing artisans creating magical pieces.  This often brings us to the far corners of the state of Chiapas – like in the case of the village of Pantelhó – a village at the end of a highway.  The highway.just.stops.

We love taking pictures and we love sharing with our readers what it´s like in the villages and the homes where our one-of-a-kind products are made.  As the title of the blog indicates – Know Your Source!

We invite you to join us on a picture tour of Pantelhó, Chiapas.  A weaving village in the highlands of Chiapas – renowned for their pieces that are brightly colored with lots of stripes and often with little whimsical Mayan figures.  Take a look and see for yourself at www.chiapasbazaar.com


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