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Favorite Places to eat in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico (part 1)

Tacos at Casa Blanca

Tacos at Casa Blanca

I love to eat here in Tuxtla and I hope you will too.  While there isn’t much food diversity (good luck finding Indian food, Thai food, etc.), there is some excellent fare to chow on.  Here are some of my favorite places to go and to take guests when they come to visit.


La Farandula (no webpage that I could find)

Excellent place to eat tacos and there are three locations throughout the city.  My favorite location is in the neighborhood, Las Palmas, because it has a great open feel, patio seating, and excellent ambience.  The other branches are nice too, but are both located in strip malls which, for me, is a mood killer.  You must try the horchata here.  It’s the best I’ve tasted anywhere.  You start with a little bowl of chips, covered in some beans and cheese.  Then place your order.  I love to order the “gringas”.  Everything here is great, so I highly recommend you go.  Tell a taxi driver to take you to La Farandula in Las Palmas.  They’ll know how to get you there.

Marisqueria El Primo (no website that I could find)

I never associate Mexican food with seafood.  I’m not sure why.  But this little hole in the wall restaurant near Avenida Central (west side) is amazing.  Their “limonada” is excellent and comes in a huge jar.  Their shrimp dishes are exquisite and with a great price.  I love to order the Ensalada de Camarones, Empanadas de Camarones.  But have also tried to Mojo de Ajo (garlic) and the Coco (coconut).  I’ve never tried anything bad here.  This place started as a little food cart and as it grew in popularity, became the great little restaurant you see today.  It’s located near the Honda dealership and the Chevy dealership on Avenida Central on the West side of town.

El Primo’s Address:  11a. Poniente Sur, Colonia Centro


Outside Nosh with my best friend visiting from NYC

Outside Nosh with my best friend visiting from NYC

This hidden gem is next to Sanatorio Rojas a few block from the Avenida Central.  It’s a breakfast and lunch place, so don’t go there at night and don’t go on Sunday – you won’t find them open.  They have amazing and economical egg dishes.  And the decor is fantastic – you’re momentarily transported to an eclectic world of old radios, a building built around a tree, and small airplanes.  I like to order the huevos motulenos.  Again, it’s next to Sanatorio Rojas and your taxi driver or hotel can tell you where it is.

El Bisquets Obregon

OK – if you want something a little more traditional, with a cafeteria-like feel, this is the place for you.  I love it because they have biscuits very similar to ones you would eat in the southern US.  Unfortunately, they don’t put gravy on them. However, you can get jam and butter and it’s amazing.  There are a few branches throughout the city and they are all equally as clean, good, solid Mexican food in a sterile atmosphere.  Order the bread filled with Philadelphia cream cheese.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tacos Casa Blanca (no website, but here are directions)

Pozol de Cacao from Casa Blanca

Pozol de Cacao from Casa Blanca

Cochito tacos and chocolate pozol.  That’s what Tuxtlecos eat for breakfast.  And with good reason. It’s excellent!  This taqueria specializes in cochito tacos – it’s all they have.  Order 2 or 4 to start and go from there.  You might want 5 more!  It’s family style seating – just go in and sit down where ever you can find a spot. And then decide how many tacos of pure deliciousness you want and the waiter will bring them to you with the quickness of a Chiapan jaguar.

What are your food experiences in Tuxtla?  Share them in the comments!


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