Chiapas, Life In Mexico

Living Abroad Post-Peace Corps

It’s been almost 1 year since the day I slipped on some dang ice in Moldova, broke my ankle, and was medically separated from my service in the Peace Corps.  

It has given me some time to reflect on the experience and how it has helped me in my current situation today – living as an expat in Chiapas, Mexico.  This could be a multiple post topic, so for now, I won’t delve in too deeply.  Here is a quick list of things where I feel a Peace Corps influence:

  • Time Management – before joining the Peace Corps, I was an office worker and had a 9-5 (well, let’s be real, 9-7) job.  I wasn’t in charge of time, my company was in charge in time.  All of that changed when I moved to Moldova.  After PST, I was overall the responsible one for how I spent my time.  I had commitments and certain things I had to do, but in general, I had a lot of freedom.  This has influenced me greatly.  Now, although I am now working at an English Teacher in Mexico, I long for those days of not having to report to a person at a certain time at a certain place.  This desire has led me to want to start my own businesses here in Mexico.  So while I am still getting established, my ultimate goal is to have my own business that will allow me to live modestly, but richly (in time).
  •   Loneliness – in the Peace Corps, I did not experience loneliness.  Even if I did, I just had to hop on a rutiera, go 45 minutes and then I would be at the home of my dear friend JF in Balti.  Peace Corps gives you automatic friends and automatic company and an automatic connection.  In real life, like I am experiencing now, you actually have to work hard to find friends and make friends.  Which proves to be surprisingly difficult.  So all of the feelings I was supposed to feel in Peace Corps – loneliness, isolation, homesickness – I actually feel more here in Mexico.  

Did you serve in the Peace Corps?  Did you take away similar ideas and practices?  Leave a comment and let’s chat about it!  


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