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Entertaining Guests in Chiapas

We haven’t written in awhile because we had temporarily turned into a bed and breakfast for my family and friends from the US. We crammed a lot of Chiapas travel into a short amount of time.  We kept saying “We’ll do that next time”, and by the end of the trip, my family decided they needed to come another 2 times in order to fit in everything we didn’t get to do.  

Here’s a quick rundown of some things we did and saw with our foreign guests:

Palenque Ruins – we went to Palenque on two separate occasions and in two very different ways.  With my friend, we took a one day tour from Tuxtla to Palenque.  We left at 5 am and returned at 11 pm the same night.  It was a rough trip, but we managed to see the Chiapas countryside, the ruins, and two different waterfalls.  The downside is the group tour atmosphere, the forced feeding at certain restaurants, the schedules, etc.  


We did a separate trip with my family to Palenque.  My dad is getting a bit older, recently had hip surgery, and so I didn’t think 18 hours in a bus would be good for him.  Instead, we rented a car and drove to Palenque.  It was a glorious way to visit the ruins.  We stopped in little villages along the way, bought from the vendors selling on the highway, and didn’t have to worry about our liquid consumption because we could stop for the toilet when we needed.  We stayed the night in Palenque at a super cute hotel called “Hotel Chablis”.  We liked it very much – it was a great value.  Renting a mini-van for 6 people to get to Palenque wasn’t cheap, but it was less expensive than the tour for six people and the freedom to travel priceless.


Sumidero Canon:  We also visited the Canon twice – once with my friend and again with my family.  The two trips didn’t differ much except for the amount of wildlife we saw on the second trip.  With my family, we saw spider monkeys, multiple crocodiles, and lots of birds unidentifiable to me.  With my friend, we saw two crocodiles and some birds.  Each time we used a tour operator found on the malecon in Chiapa de Corzo.  The price both times was 160 pesos per person.  


Las Pichanchas:  We take everyone here when they come to visit.  It’s in all the guide books and there’s a reason why.  It’s a pretty cool place.  The food is great and you get the opportunity to try the regional dishes of Mexico.  The costumes and dancing are fantastic – if you couldn’t make it to the Feria of Chiapa de Corzo in January, you can still get your fill of the cool parachicos at the restaurant.  Love love love this place.  




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