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Protection from Bad Vibes

A few months ago, I noticed a new red bracelet with shiny amber stones on my 8 month old soon-to-be-officially niece.  I asked her mother what it was, thinking maybe it was a gift or perhaps had special meaning.  And wow – was I surprised when I learned more about it.

Childrens Amber Bracelet

This little bracelet protects from bad vibes

Amber, the solidified resin from trees that hardens over millions and millions of years, has a special place in Chiapas history.  Supposedly, even when the Spanish came hundreds of years ago, they admired the amber jewelry that the Chiapanecans were wearing.  It is a stone (well, hardened resin) that protects, that heals, and the shines like a little bright star in jewelry.

Back to the bracelet – this bracelet is placed on young children in order to protect them from “mal de ojo” or basically, bad vibes.  According to the belief, if the amber stones have “spiderwebbed”, it means they were doing their job and protected the child.  How cool is that?

Have you heard of this belief?  What do you think?


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