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Gardening in Chiapas, Mexico


We have been told that basically anything will grow in Chiapas.  So far, that has been true.  There is constant ample sunlight, we are fortunate to have water to use to water our plants and our yard, and we don’t have to worry about debilitating frosts like someone would in the north.

About 30 minutes away from Tuxtla, there is a town called Berriozabal that is full of plant nurseries.  The entrance into the town is lined with plant and tree nurseries that carry almost every plant imaginable.  You can get fruit trees, cacti, sod, dirt, and lots of exotic plants that I have never heard of and couldn’t tell you the name of.  And the prices?  Well, like many things here in Chiapas, they are quite reasonable.  We have over 20 potted plants around our home, including bugambilias, something called a corbata, geraniums, and my personal favorite – a coffee plant!  Yes, we are growing our own little coffee plant here on our front porch.  

We have had some failures, mostly in the effort to grow herbs.  We tried to grow them from seed during the rainy season and left the pots on the service patio.  Well, when it rained, the pots were deluged with water and it seemed to kill the little seed.  

We have giant exotic-looking tropical plants in the house.  Very unfortunately, I don’t know the name of many of our plants in Spanish, and especially not in English.  

We have also laid sod in our front yard.  Which as you can see from the picture, we ended up hauling it from the nursery to our house in the car.  This type of sod we purchasedImage

is apparently called pasto chino.

Any questions or comments about gardening in southern Mexico? What do you grow?  We’d love to hear from you.  


One thought on “Gardening in Chiapas, Mexico

  1. Amanda B says:

    This has been most helpful, thank you! I will be moving to Ocosingo, within the year ,with my fiance. I love to garden and am so excited to start this incredible adventure.

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