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Here are some numbers:  155, 145, 118


Are they my lucky numbers for 2013?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  Is it the cost of everything we bought in the picture above at the market today?  Possibly.  But truly, the numbers represent my weight during my stints living in different places.  And the 118?  That’s right now in Mexico.  (155 = Moldova and 145 = New York City)

In less than 7 months living in Chiapas, I have lost over 20 pounds.  I recall that one of my best friends moved to Oaxaca, Mexico and when I went to visit her, she had lost a lot of weight also – on a girl who didn’t need to lose weight.  I think it’s something magical about Mexico.  So I’ve christened it the Mexico Diet.

Jicama, Chiapas, Tajin

I don’t eat tacos every day.  In fact, we probably only eat them once per week.  I eat my fair share of beans and tortillas and cheeses.  But we also have this luxury afforded to us:  a local market with local people selling local products, a local market with very economical prices, where products are really fresh (I had to pull a live slug off of my lettuce today when I was washing it), and could put us into the categories of “locavores”.  Not to mention that it’s the most curious and lively and magical place.  Sounds, smells, sights, pushy people, pushy vendors, shouts in Tzotzil, everyone offering to help – and this is just the fruit and vegetable section – we didn’t even make it to the meat area.

So the Mexico diet.  It’s eating all of the local fruits and vegetables mixed with some of the culinary goodness of Mexico.  It’s rarely drinking alcohol (rare being once a month), rarely drinking sugary sodas, rarely partaking in the “pan dulce” craze, drinking a lot of water (it’s cheap!) and combining it all with a little bit of stomach sickness.  This is my Mexico diet and so far it’s working.

By the way, everything you see in the picture above from the market was under 15 USD.  The most expensive items were the imported ones – grapes and a pomegranate.

Any Mexico diet tips of your own?  Talk to us!  Leave a comment below.

From Chiapas, With Love


The Mexico Diet


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